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High Caliber Labradors

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Retriever Training  (dogs wanting to achieve APLA titles)
Retriever training is a program that is a minimum of 5 months with test locations and dates in mind. All dogs will have to successfully complete obedience, collar conditioning, and force fetch. Once the basics (gundog training) is completed the dog will be run on marks and concepts will be taught accordingly, along with extensive bird work. Hunt tests are attended within reasonable travel distances. Transportation and handling fees are applied to dogs that are running hunt tests. For further details on this program please feel free to call Andy at High Caliber Labradors 605-695-5227.   Call for Pricing


Call for Training  Pricing

*Hunt Test Handling $50.00/ test day

*Hunt Test Traveling $75.00/ test

Heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative required. Will be charged for both if not provided.

Dogs that High Caliber Labradors has trained and titled or had a part in their training.


CPR High Calibers Snappin Mad Gator                       CPR High Calibers Scrufin Up the Field

CPR TGK’s Just Go With The Flo                                CPR Koerner’s Polly

CPR TDK’s High Caliber Bustin A Move JH             CPR Lockdown Sammie Percosa

CPR High Calibers Rock Star JH                                  CPR Malarky’s Out of the Park

CPR High Calibers Favorite Color Is Chrome            4xGMPR The Cptn’s Sierra Shadow Ale MH QAA

CPR High Calibers Cha Ching                                      4xGMPR TGK’s the Mountains Are Bleu

CPR High Calibers Elusive Stash                                  CPR High Calibers Silly Dilly

CPR Rockin Ranger Of The Dakotas                            CPR High Calibers Twisted Double Whammy

4xGMPR High Calibers Groovy Little Trooper SH   CPR Coteau View Cajun Too Hot To Handle

CPR Lost Rivers High Magnum Groove                      CPR Gadeken’s Boscoe Boy Chipper

CPR Blue Shady Lady II                                                CPR Jackpot’s Winning Ticket of The Belle 

CPR Hawkeye’s Fan Hayden Muff                               CPR SHR High Caliber’s Scouting For Birds

CPR High Calibers Good As Gold                                GMPR Coteau View Gator’s Locked Up Diva On Point

CPR High Calibers Rowdy Girl                                    CPR High Calibers Dakota Daxter                               

CPR Queen Stella TGK Of Huntington                        CPR Whitewood’s Black Diamond

CPR High Calibers Zadah’s Cotton Candy                  APR Slick Knows High Caliber

4xGMPR  Bo Knows High Caliber MH                       CPR High Calibers Twisted Fly

GMPR High Calibers Winning Ticket SH                   CPR High Calibers Hondo

CPR Madsen’s Trigger Rides Again                             CPR High Calibers Getting Kinky     

MRP TGK’s Return of The Jedi  SH                             CPR High Calibers True Gentleman  

CPR Corky-N-Chase Midnight Asia JH                       CPR High Calibers Tex

CPR Moriarty’s Angel                                                    CPR High Caliber Knows Mac Daddy

GMPR Lockdown Labs Rock-A-Bye Birdie                CPR High Calibers Royal Regal

GMPR Murphy’s Kiera Of  TGK JH                            CPR King David’s Daughter Tamar of TGK

High Calibers High Flyin Diva JH                                CPR Bottoms Up Go Pack

CPR Richter’s Marlarky’s Mesa                                    CPR Little Baileys Jesse Jo

CPR Midnight Black Shelby                                          CPR High Calibers Straight Up

CPR TGK’s Lady Tess                                                   4xGMPR Wilkman’s Buddy

CPR TGK’s Twelve Gauge Abby                                 CPR High Calibers One In A Million

CPR Raya Sunshine                                                         CPR High Calibers High Flyin Mac Daddy

CPR High Calibers Moving N Groovin                        CPR Michael’s Blazing Ball Of Fire  

CPR High Calibers Left Hook                                       CPR Red Labels Miss Independence “Liberty”

CPR TGK’s Chocolate Candi                                         CPR SHR High Calibers Bleu Diamond

High Calibers Insight Ellie JH                                       4xGMPR TGK’s Trinity Power Of Three

APR TGK’s Sir Augustus                                               CPR RLK’s Rouxbea

CPR High Calibers Twist BeBop                                  CPR Railroad’s It’s A Hard Knock Life

CPR High Calibers Making A Splash                           CPR High Caliber’s Razmataz

CPR High Calibers Twist of Rage                                 CPR Amacyng Grace

APR SHR Mikki Rose Go Bo Groovin JH                   CPR Lone Willows Black Coal          

CPR High Calibers Madison River                                CPR TGK’s Phebe Delivers The Goods From H.C.

CPR Western Plains Toby Two                                     CPR Sebrings Go Getem Gus

CPR High Calibers Get-N Nasty With The Groove    CPR JP’s Trouble In Big Dee

1.5xGMPR High Calibers Fully Loaded Lexus          CPR Rowdy’s Little Pistol Annie

CPR Mya Knows High Caliber Moving                       CPR High Calibers Getting Down N Dirty

CPR Bear-N-Asia Sugar Plum Princess                       CPR Red Labels Triple Shot Bailey

1.5xGMPR RLK’s Eye Of The Tiger “Rock”             CPR High Calibers Do The Dew

CPR High Calibers Pearl Jamm’n                                 GMPR TGK’s Talisker Rebel Scout

CPR High Calibers Honey                                              CPR High Caliber Rock N Sock Pippy

CPR Kimerer’s Jax                                                          CPR High Calibers Ain’t Ez Bein’ Weezie    

APR High Calibers Perfect Fit                                      CPR High Calibers Killing It Today

CPR Rolling Thunder Of The Midwest                        CPR Diamond K’s Rebel Rouser

CPR High Calibers One and Only II                             CPR High Calibers MacMurphy

CPR High Calibers Burnin It Down                              CPR High Calibers One In A Zillion

CPR Winchester Fires Across The Prairie                    CPR North Lake’s Snappin Little Izzy JH

CPR Benelli Blasts Across The Prairie                        CPR High Calibers Padre       

APR Faber’s High Flyin Neeka                                     CPR S & S Looky Looky Here Comes Cookie

CPR High Calibers Classic Bentley                              CPR High Calibers Flirty Berty

CPR High Calibers Real Deal Teal                               CPR TGK’s Malachi OT Prophet

CPR TGK’s Sally                                                            CPR Becker’s Show Stoppin’ Stella

CPR High Calibers Keepin It Cool                                CPR High Calibers Sky Is The Limit

CPR Hunting With Jake                                                  CPR TGK’s Thundering Echo

CPR High Calibers Mojo Madness                                APR Yogi Bear Get Ur Gun HPK

APR Wilkman’s High Caliber Turbo                            CPR Becker’s Run N’ Gun Roxy

CPR Wing Magic’s Coal Roller                                    CPR North Lake Keystones Born To Be Leader

CPR JMuffs California Dream Callie                            CPR Sunshine Through Phog Namaste TGK

3xGMPR Northlake Honest Abe                                   CPR Keystone’s Storm Rocks The Prairie     

CPR High Caliber Kink Izzabell                                   CPR High Caliber Found Nemo

CPR High Calibers Rockin Emme                                CPR Little Super Scout

CPR Thunderstruck Lucky 7 “Boom”                          CPR Perkins Corner Bobby    

CPR Keystone Pistol Annie’s Got True Grit                CPR High Caliber’s Tornado Ally

CPR Pistol XXII                                                              MPR STK’s Hot Grits And Biskits

CPR Perkins Corner Thinks He’ll Keep Her                CPR Perkins Corner Coal Miner’s Daughter

CPR Fatcity’s Hot Tamale                                              CPR Caldwell’s Black Bear Rue

CPR North Lakes Precious One                                    CPR Our Boy Elroy Jetson

CPR Red Labels Rudy                                                    CPR High Calibers Cadillac Jr Ileanin To The Right

CPR High Calibers North Lake Live Wire                   CPR Red Labels Momma Mia

CPR Fatcity Caty Haddie        



Gundog Training (hunting dogs (any breed))
Gundog training is a 3-4 month program that consist of obedience, collar conditioning, force fetch, introduction to guns and birds, single marked retrieves (land & water) This program is designed for young dogs that are going to be used as gundogs. Basic commands (here, sit, heel and kennel) will be taught. Quarter, find, flush or point and retrieve to hand in the upland. Call for Pricing

Puppy Head Start Program (8 weeks - 6 months)  Puppy head start is a program designed to get a puppy proper socialization along with introduction to training drills to come later. The training a dog receives the first 8 months of life are critical to building a successful gundog. This program develops confidence– enthusiasm for training and prepare your puppy with introduction that will develop a solid foundation on which advance training can be built on.  Call For Pricing

· Training durations and time frames will depend on the ability of each individual dog.

· Water training is subject to weather

· We recommend that starting your dog at 6 to 7 months of age

· We will customize a program for individual dogs and owners

· Current vaccinations are required by all dogs in facility. Rabies– Dhlpp– Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

· Veterinary services are owners responsibility. (ex. Injury, illness, emergencies)

· OFA services are offered for clients with all occurring cost paid by client