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High Caliber Labradors

Text Box: High Caliber Labradors


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Text Box: 4xGMPR Diesel X CPR Ally 	Chocolate			Due Feb 16th 4xGMPR Jack  SH X CPR Dew	Yellow 			Due Mar 1st
MPR Ryker X CPR Fire		Yellow 			Due Mar 8th

4.5% Sale Tax NOT included in puppy price

4xGMPR High Calibers Wing Magic’s Coal Roller JH  “Diesel”

(HRCH Santa Fe’s Jumping Jake Flash MH QAA (Brother to 4xGMPR Jake MH QAA)   X  Arch Star Rider Nina)




CPR High Caliber’s Tornado Ally “Ally”

(CPR High Calibers Dakota Daxter X CPR High Calibers Straight Up)                                                                                       

Notable dogs in pedigree **4xGMPR Porter MH QAA 
                          **4xGMPR Bo MH


Taking Deposits Now       Due Feb 15th 2019    Chocolate       Males $1300    Females $1500                                                             


4xGMPR Antler Mountain’s Old No. 7 SH “Jack”

(GMPR High Calibers Winning Ticket SH  X  CPR TDK:s Thunder of Sauk River)




CPR High Calibers Do The Dew  “Dew”

(4xGMPR High Calibers Groovy Little Trooper SH  X   1.5xGMPR Dakota Snow Swan)                                                                                       


Taking Deposits Now       Due Mid Feb    Yellow      Males $1300    Females $1500                                                             


MPR Wilkman’s High Caliber Ryker “Ryker”

(4xGMPR Wilkman’s Buddy   X  CPR Chamois’ Bella Mae)




CPR High Calibers Burning It Down  “Fire”

(4xGMPR High Calibers Groovy Little Trooper SH  X   CPR East Point’s Smashing Sophie JH )                                                                                       


Taking Deposits Now       Due March 8th 2019    Yellow      Males $1300    Females $1500